Atlas Chalet

Why you need a new roof

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For more information, please contact our specialist at 678-439-9242 for an inspection or more information on being part of a potential class action law suit against Atlas

The Atlas Chalet is Discontinued

Atlas Chalet "Claim" - The Chalet® designer series provides a true dimensional appearance in a granule overlay shingle. This architectural look is achieved by utilizing random color palettes in a double thickness, and incorporating a continuous shadow line, which is added during the manufacturing process. The end result is a distinct, eye-appealing roof that makes a statement while complementing your home. Chalet® gives you peace of mind at an affordable price. This algae resistant shingle comes with a 30 year limited transferable warranty, an 80 mph wind warranty, and meets all Class A and wind resistance ratings. A wide variety of colors allows freedom to match virtually any color scheme.

What Happened!?

After only a year most of the roofs blistered very badly. The shingles crack prematurely, and have huge chunks of granules that dislodge from the cheaply laminated part of the shingle.

There are law firms actively pursuing a class action law suit against Atlas for the shingles, and for a time they were paying for full replacement of the materials and labor. Now though it is almost impossible to get a settlement from them. You may be able to get your roof replaced if it has storm damage.

Storm Damage (Chalet is special)

When insurance comes to inspect your roof for storm damage they are mostly looking for hail and wind damage. If they find wind damage for instance they will usually pay to replace the broken shingles if your roof is not too brittle for repairs. This amount usually does not even exceed your deductible, leaving you responsible for the repairs. They usually need wind and hail damaged shingles on all sides before replacing a roof. But not with Atlas!

Just ONE broken shingle can warrant you an ENTIRE new roof. Since the Chalet is no longer available, there is no way for them to only repair the roof to match. So they usually must replace your roof with the same LKQ, Like, Kind, and Quality, which means you may get a new REAL architectural shingle roof.

What do I do?

Please contact our specialist at 678-439-9242 for an inspection or more information on being part of a potential class action law suit against Atlas. My email is pshizum at

If you see a creased or broken or missing shingle... Call the insurance as soon as possible. Have a contractor meet out with them, they will help the insurance in identifying the problems with your roof and informing the insurance about this special type of shingle, if they are not already aware.

Be very cautious about who inspects your roof, contractors are aware of the special nature of the shingle and may intentionally break one. This is very dangerous for them and you.

You deserve a roof that will not fail in the next few years. Give the insurance a call